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Bender the Noodle Brain

I called my friend Bender a noodle brain the other day, he eats a lot of noodles. There's a funny song by The Queers also called Noodle Brain, with really child like ( in a good way) lyrics

You're a noodle brain and you're ugly You're a noodle brain you're so stupid You're a noodle brain just like me

I made this for people with noodles on the brain. I took some inspriation from circus side show posters from the days of yore, or yesteryear, or whatever. Images such as these,

I love side show freaks... I also thought incorporating the definitions for noodle and brain was interesting, I think I want to revisit that in the future, as I really like the contrasts in typography within dictionaries.

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Hang Over Day

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