Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Going to China

Hey there boys and girls, well my world travels continue. This time I'm off to work at Glory N Dreams Animation Studio in Shanghai, China. I'll be out there for a month, that is unless that darn volcano erupts again, and messes up travel for everyone all over the world again. My housemate was supposed to come back the 20th of April, and is still stuck out there. So, this whole thing is a pretty big gamble.

I also just pitched a film to the studio, and I'm hoping I enough people liked it well enough to vote it into production. The film is about a cockroach who loves the girl who lives on the other side of the apartment wall. While he's terrifically in love with her, he's also instinctively terrified of her killing him. So his goal is to get as close to her as he can without being noticed.

If my film goes into production, I might not be notified at the same time as everyone else, but who ever wants to to work on it with me should email me samples of their work, and we can talk about crewing up after we find out which films are being made. So if you're a first year, vote for adventure, vote for love, vote for my film!