Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy first day of Spring!

Today it's official. It's the first day of spring, which means we have all of the sunny warm days of spring and summer to look forward to. Good weather really can make a huge difference in your day. So in honor of spring I changed the blog header to something a little, sunnier. For the next two months I will be mostly shut in a dark room working on animation. I wont get to spend much time enjoying the weather until after May 13 when the Light Thief is done (fingers crossed).
I will however get to go to wonderful Annecy Animation festival this June where I will spend the week camping in the alps, watching the best of what the world's animation industry has to offer and scouting around and hopefully making a few connections. If anyone else is going to Annecy this year and wants to meet up let me know! I'm also in the process of uploading my current show reel so feed back and comments are welcome as always. I still have concept art up for sale over on Esty, and I'm working on an idea for a collaboration for one of the stories. I want word suggestions. Basically, leave a comment with one word. I'll have to come up with a way to use the word in the book. (Please, be more imaginative than cuss words. Everyone thinks of those first  so I know you can do better than that.) The book is a bout birds. So go from there.  Oh and whoever leaves me a word first gets a free piece of concept art based on the word they give me.
 Umm, ok well I think that's mostly it for now. Yay for spring!


  1. Me first!! ME ME ME!!!

    My word is: flitter


  2. ha, you win! sooooo much competition for my free art, I think you have got to be my biggest fan by far.