Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Elmer Fudd's Bedroom Part II

Hi Hi Hi everyone out there in internet land. I've been super busy finishing up animation for Light Thief, which I can finally say with a proud sigh of exhuastion is done. Well, the animation is done. It still needs to be colored, composited, edited and the final score has to be done. By May 13th. I finished my last frame of trace today. It was weird, as I put my light box away, I got a little scared. I'm afraid I'll never get to animate again now that I'm about to graduate. All I keep hearing from people in the industry is how 2d is dead, and how I have to learn cg if I want to have a career. I'm tired of people saying "no", and I'm ready for some people to say YES!. 
I'm working on finishing up my entry for Elmer Fudd's Bedroom. Here are some screen grabs from my work in progress. The first two images are from Kit for Cat, 1948 directed By Friz Freleng. He later went on to produce some of my favorite Pink Panther episodes of all time, ( they are mainly my favorite because of the great backgrounds by Tom O'laughlin, and the clever minimalist design. My Elmer Fudd space concept is definitely influenced by his work.


  1. If you want to do 2D - learn Flash. Or venture to Europe =)

  2. Yeah, so I hear. But I have a secret weapon up my sleeve. I'm American, so I'm going back there to do 2d. Take that England! Hiiii-ya!