Thursday, February 4, 2010

Scene 11b Animation Geekiness

I finished up principle animation on the most complicated scene I've ever animated. It's only 7 seconds long but it portrays a T-rex chasing a caveman running backwards on a wheel through a field of geysers. I think there were 10 geysers in the shot, 3 of which I keyed and then farmed out to eager first years while I finished up the other 6. Since I can't show you the actual scene ( for festival reasons) here is a picture of the stack of animation paper scene 11b has racked up. Oh I believe this scene now holds the record for the most effects in one shot by one person for an animated film produced at AUCB ( formerly AIB). Since I can't show off the scene just yet, here are some of the rough research drawings I did in the beginning of the shot. I was mainly trying to figure out the physics of the geyser, then later on the style.

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